As some of you may know, this past September I took a sabbatical year from English National Ballet to come to Milano and work with the ballet company of the Teatro alla Scala. 

Milano is Italy’s fashion capital and one of the world’s top cities for the industry as well. So as you can imagine, it has been very easy to be inspired by the Italians and their impeccable style. I’ve been trying to add some of their fashion accents into my style, and I’m having so much fun with it. Still, I’ll never stop being influenced by the ever changing London fashion scene, but adding some of Milano into the mix is proving to be very amusing ! At least in my opinion 😉 

Working with the great people in the company has helped me expand my horizons, learning that how you live life itself is a way of expressing your personal style and it is it’s own unique art form. Italians obviously have art and history staring back at them literally everywhere they go, making it easy for them to be naturally inspired and show their truest selves through the way they do everything in their life. 

For this blog I’ve walked through my favourite spots in the city. From Arco della Pace and Parco Sempione to Moscova, Garibaldi and Brera. I did an all black look because, if you haven’t already noticed, I LOVE me all black everything !! I also did a day to night look, showing you it can be as easy as changing your jeans for a skirt, and your flat boots to high heeled ones 🕺🏻 

During my time left in Milano, I’ll keep experimenting with adding more Italian elements to my wardrobe. Let’s see what I come up with !!! By the end of it, I hope to find the perfect balance and learn to style things that I wouldn’t normally put together or wear. 

These months that I have already spent here have proven themselves to be quite the learning experience and I feel like I have grown loads as a human being. Let the growth and learning keep us forever moving forward ! 

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

 Alla prossima, 


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