Yesterday was the First of April, Happy Easter and April Fools Day! Although I think this year the joke is on us because spring started earlier last month, but winter is still on top form! This wintery spring has brought cold temperatures, rain, and even snow with it! Though I wish I was wearing less layers at this time of year, I’m taking the freezing temperatures as an opportunity to get creative with my outfits.

My outfits are becoming season fluid, dressing for winter during the morning, spring during the day, and winter again at nighttime. I try to make my spring outfits warm enough to not be cold on my commutes, but light enough that I won’t have to be taking layers off during my midday breaks. How many of you are guilty of doing this?

Spring and summer are my favourite seasons, and I can’t wait for the temperatures to rise!!! At the moment, I’m enjoying the fact that the days are getting longer! With the arrival of springtime, comes the need to turn over a new leaf and start to bloom, literally! Which is why this weekend I took the occasion of having three days off to do a massive spring clean and attempted to declutter and tidy my flat à la Marie Kondo.

I usually have just one day off a week, so I find it difficult to get anything done, because I take my lazy Sundays VERY seriously, haha! When I do get more free time, I’m really grateful to be able to spend it with Alex, Fonzie, and my friends, which is so important for me and my happiness.

If you don’t do so already, I encourage you to do something at least once a day that makes you happy! The secret is in enjoying the little things that bring you any sort of satisfaction. I hope you’ve had a happy Easter and I wish you a happy week ahead!

Until next time,

Adriana xx


First outfit→ Coat: Zara, Dress and Shoes: Asos, Tights: Calzedonia, Bag: Karl Lagerfeld, Sunglasses: Dior, Beret: Topshop, Watch: Waldor & Co.

Second outfit→ Coat, Blouse and Trousers: Zara, Shoes: Seven, Bag: Yves Saint Laurent, Sunglasses: Fendi

Third outfit→ Coat, Skirt and Shoes: Zara, Top: Sandro, Bag: Kate Spade

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